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[16 Nov 2008|12:02am]
hello this is nickolas here, annie is busy being awesome. she says that she likes to dance and make ice cream. have a nice day!
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too bad he will hit puberty soon [12 Nov 2008|12:46am]

I watched that and cried my stupid little eyes out this morning.
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[04 Nov 2008|07:52am]
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[21 Sep 2008|11:17am]
I am so happy
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[05 Aug 2008|12:53pm]
new layouts for both my blogs! They match now (see acohn.blogspot.com)

This makes me very happy!
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[13 Jul 2008|10:29pm]
i flipping love my family
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[16 Jun 2008|11:00pm]

She did it!!!
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[11 Jun 2008|12:56am]


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

Take the test!

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[05 Jun 2008|12:23am]

I don't have anything to share but I am still here :)

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[30 May 2008|12:02pm]
best birthday ever....EVER!!
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[18 Apr 2008|05:59am]
PS- yesterday I went to the Mall with a Nun.
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[18 Apr 2008|05:15am]
Yet another beautiful day here in Ireland. I am on top of the world. It has been very windy since wednesday but it is the kind of wind that reminds you that you are alive. It could literally pick you up and take you away if it wanted to.

I am in the very south of Ireland, so I obviously can't speak for the whole country but of what I have seen this is the way people are supposed to live. Children have so much more independence because they are safe. They run around from house to house and visit friends and really use their imaginations. You can see it in their eyes, they aren't bored the way suburban kids in the US are.  Even the dogs here live the life. They run entirely free. They all know where home is but all day they collect into little groups and run around the village we are staying in. And they have jobs, they have purpose. We hear them running around at night protecting the cows and sheep. It is too cool.

So yesterday I met my Irish cousins that I didn't even know I had. First we met up with Sister Noreen at the convent in Schull. Then we drove out to Ballycotton where my great-grandmother was born and grew up. Then Noreen took us to meet my grandma's cousin Mary-Bridget and her children and grandchildren and even one of her great-grandchildren (and absolutely adorable 7 year old named Chloe). They were great people. Really funny and as hospitable as you could imagine.  One of Mary-B's sons is a photographer and he and I traded email addresses and he is going to tell me all about the world of photography here in Ireland.

So back to the present day. On wednesday we drove around the Beara Peninsula and a small bit of the Rind of Kerry. We saw where my grandfathers family was from and it was a town that literally was about 30 feet long. and included a trailer park. We went through the Healy Pass which was just amazingly lovely. It was a lot like Colorado . Ireland is a lot like Colorado but even better because it has ocean and beaches too.

I do seriously think I will live here after college. My mom is eligible for citizenship and is probably going to apply for it. Unfortunantly I am not or I would totally get on that. Alright, Emily wants the internet so I am off. See you all soon!
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[15 Apr 2008|12:19pm]
So here i am in Ireland, looking at the most beautiful ocean view I have ever seen. It seriously blows my mind. I have been snapping away and my family has been very kind to let me drive around half hanging out of the car and constantly saying things like "stay there" "turn towards me" and "take 3 steps to your right." More than anything I am realizing how much I am NOT a landscape photographer. I have tons and tons of photos but very few (if any) have that spark that makes a great landscape. I have an even greater appreciation for what Cade and Frank do.

The flight here was a train wreck! It is a long story (and best told with hand gestures) but we made an emergency landing in Goosebay, Labrador. Thats in Canada (I had to look it up on a map!). The plane was fine but some woman was having heart palpations and well, it was a mess (don't feel too bad she was well enough to walk off the plane!). But when they decided to make our landing we were over the Atlantic ocean so they turned around and went back to Canada. This took and hour and then it took 5 hours to back track. THEN they landed us in Dublin rather than Shannon because the pilots can only fly for so long and we had to switch flight crews and then fly down to Shannon. So our 6 hour flight became 14 hours and we then drove to Cork which was another 3 hours and our cottage here in Tragumna was another hour past Cork. All in all we traveled for about 24 hours straight with my 76 year old grandmother.

But don't get me wrong, it was totally worth it. It is beyond amazing here.

Sunday I took a beautiful walk with my sister and my dad and we climbed down a beautiful set of cliffs and went right down to the water. That night we went out to the local pub - The Skibereen Eagle- and I had myself a guiness and then a few Bulmer's hard apple cider (amazing!) and once we were all a bit toasty we went home and had the deepest sleeps of our lives.

Yesterday we went to Mizen Head which is a lighthouse at the "corner of Ireland" and we saw baby seals sunning themselves on the rocks. This was after a few hours of getting lost which in my opinion was just as beautiful as getting to where we were going.

Today we went to Coppinger's Court which is a castle that belonged to my ancestors and burned out in the 1600's.

I will post pictures in a while when I get stuff updated. I miss you all! I am available by email!

Oh yeah, and I am moving here after college and I am getting a cow and 2 chickens (named lavern and shirley) and some sort of sheep dog.

Also I have added the names eoin (the Irish version of owen), roury, and fiona to my baby name list.
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[27 Mar 2008|09:44am]
I slept through the night!!! Didn't even wake up coughing once! This is gonna be a good day
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[18 Feb 2008|11:51am]
I am currently not in possession of my school ID, my license OR my debit card

my life is falling apart
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[31 Jan 2008|10:00pm]

This pretty much sums up my dreams

I will live my life as a lobsterman's wife on an island in the blue bay.
He will take care of me, he will smell like the sea,
And close to my heart he'll always stay.

I will bear three girls all with strawberry curls, little Ella and
Nelly and Faye.
While I'm combing their hair, I will catch his warm stare
On our island in the blue bay.

Far away far away, I want to go far away.
To a new life on a new shore line.
Where the water is blue and the people are new.
To another island, in another life.

There's a boy next to me and he never will be anything but a boy at the bar.
And I think he's the tops, he's where everything stops.
How I love to love him from afar.

When he walks right pass me then I finally see on this bar stool I can't stay.
So I'm taking my frown to a far distant town
On an island in the blue bay.

Far away far away, I want to go far away.
To a new life on a new shore line.
Where the water is blue and the people are new.
To another island, in another life.

I want to go far away.
Away away, I want to go far away, away, away
I want to go far away, far away.

Where the water is blue and the people are new.
To another life, to another life.
To another shore line
In another life.

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[31 Jan 2008|12:00am]
Nip is 8 months old today.....

It seems like it was seriously yesterday that nick was dragging me over to see this teeny tiny kitten that fit in the palm of my hand. I really am forever indebted to you Nickolas.....I love this cat a freakish amount.

I don't really have anything else to share right now....
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[24 Jan 2008|12:27am]
Hello everybody.....

Livejournal seems to be making a comeback which has me rather excited! I like reading about all your lives.

I am back at clark for my 6th semester (when you look at it in semesters it seems so long) and my classes are pretty good. My schedule is alright....I have almost all my classes on Tuesday and Thursday (and 1 class on Monday) which leaves me very free on wednesday and friday....which is awesome, don't get me wrong, but it makes for VERY busy tuesdays and thursdays.

Emily came to visit me which was very cool. It was nice to have her around and she was a super good sport in following me around while I did all the day to day stuff I have to do.

I also went home this weekend and got to see nick again, which as usual was pretty alright :) I went to IKEA two days in a row with my friend Nicole who is setting up her first apartment. Ashley also joined us and was a good sport and took a nap on a random couch in order to kill time.

Nip is getting very large....Emily called her "weighty" today, which i think means Emily thinks she is getting fat. Maybe I will have to start walking her around the building on a leash....or maybe I will just feed her less....who knows

I have been living in the photo lab again this semester, which is really nice. It is kind of like a second home for me because I get to go there and there are always people around, and even though we are all doing our own thing you just get to have the feeling of being with people. I don't know if anyone else knows what I am talking about but whatever.

Speaking of photos you should check out my photoblog (even leave a comment if you feel like it) because I just added some new stuff to it and there will be more coming in the next week or so.  acohn.blogspot.com

alright, thats all i've got for now

check out Band of Horses.... they kinda rock my socks right now
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[20 Dec 2007|12:02am]
lately I have been wanting to write in here, but i just can't think of what to say.....

The town is so small
How could anybody not
Look you in the eyes
The way that you drive by
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why does livejornal let you post by cell phone? [24 Oct 2007|12:15am]
what could you possibly have to say that would need to be posted by cell phone.....what thought/feeling/social commentary could be so important that you couldn't wait to get to a computer to publicly announce it via live journal?

Theres my 10 second rant

life is busy but good. i am doing more photo than ever before in my life. i might even be able to see myself doing this as part of my real person life. i miss some people.
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